Playing with the concept of collaged realities, I explore human communication and the notion of what I coined as “Psycho-spatiality". In this multi-screen installation (6 screens) I attempt to convey anxiety due to play of distance and proximity from online communication by questioning the hierarchy of the visual and the audible to the other senses in contemporary technology. This installation is my work for the MA Degree Show at Wimbledon College of Art. Credit to actors: Script1 - Luka Scicluna, Ramona Dumitrean; Script 2 - Gemma McGill, Andrew Engwall; Script 3 - Sebastian Marina, Aidan Crowe.

Psycho Spatiality - 2011 - 6-Screen Installation - Looped video

Psycho Spatiality Script 1   - 2011 - 6-Screen Installation - Looped video

Psycho Spatiality Script 2 - 2011 - 6-Screen Installation - Looped video

Psycho Spatiality Script 3 - 2011 - 6-Screen Installation - Looped video 

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