About the Artist 

Adrian Scicluna (b.1971, UK) is a contemporary multi-disciplinary visual artist based in both Abu Dhabi and Malta. Today, Adrian’s work portrays the way he perceives and experiences the world around him with keen interest in how technology, society and the environment influence us and the emerging patterns of human behaviour.

Adrian holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts (University of the Arts, London), preceded by an Honours degree in Art Education (University of Malta). He has been shortlisted as a finalist in a number of international art competitions and awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally.  He has been represented in Malta and London over the years and is currently represented by Lily Agius Gallery in Malta.  His artworks can be found in various private collections internationally.

About the Work

Adrian Scicluna's (shik-luna) multi-disciplinary approach includes painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, photography, video, printing and digital art. Some of his works may demonstrate the use of more than one medium. The media employed and creative processes undertaken on any particular project is determined by the ideas and context behind the work. His research-based practice explores personal experiences of everyday life that become outward looking towards technological, social and environmental affects on human behaviour.

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