45% Liquid of a Vow, 2012 by Andrew Engwall an open-verse inspired by Of Absence and Presence, 2012.

45% Liquid of a Vow

The Romanian language of a day,

an idea of assault that one day for sure had to die,

a sense of famine, it's all wasted and passed on. Different. 

Early or late at this other time, love me.

Subcommittee listened committee clocks, 

Failed, I won because the Queen because the queen muttered

a jingle came into my head.  Alonso: Dear son, sunbeams 

censored in his head alone govern him.   Wind whipped object

of LIlies?  Royal Zoos gallop convicted performance. 

Fresh he cried. Glared request eyes

noticed a fall.   Stone  of our world.  Ugly face. 

Derision.  Crown. Erect. Pumps. Stalions. 

We have the cold deep spooning, the remotest does envy you;

We have the island our wreck and many man; 

We have parried the caustic tongue to test and size.

So in presumption for Europe stood –

For local lines – for boots –time 

shall help another time.  But locked.  

Acquire: he jokes – taking reject another time;

dear but we are all a floor, a mentioned team. 

a kept country that dances and stands. 

Andrew Engwall

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