Improvising an Elegy on a Burner in Sophia, 2012 by Andrew Engwall an elegy inspired by Of Absence and Presence, 2012.

Improvising an elegy on a burner in Sophia. 

There warm multitudes cry with the pretty girl. 

Ragged plain; features; unapproachable as turning silence. 

The plains, the leaves falling fast, meek jostles, unusual. 

The knife is kept there and it survives.

I have told you before the dance is best.  Unusual – 

Stolen impulse and time fancies freedom. 

Cold, dark, wake deed,  and men, and ring – around me. 

A ghost crawls in facts, an ideal guest heartless; 

In careless love and carefulll observation it quizzes me. 

A smile,  resolution of the young some cave eager amused; 

About unhappy silence in combats, in flowers already again 

Turning streams after that a loud navel nonsense stands among

Subjects and winks, burning weird garden question; easy in there 

Symposium, in oral feast and oral culture. 

Andrew Engwall

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